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Entrust your crucial documents to our expert team, meticulously trained to handle signings with precision and professionalism. You can trust our certified NSAs to facilitate your signings efficiently and reliably, leaving you with confidence in every transaction. 

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Our values are centered around integrity, innovation, and customer-centricity. We prioritize ethical practices, continuously seek innovative solutions, and place our clients' needs at the forefront of everything we do. By maintaining transparency and delivering exceptional service, we strive to build long-lasting, trust-based relationships with our clients.



Our professionalism embodies expertise, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. We maintain high standards of conduct, communicate effectively, and consistently deliver outstanding results with integrity.



Our experience brings value to our clients by facilitating seamless and efficient signing processes for important documents, such as real estate transactions and loan signings. With our expertise, clients can trust in the accuracy, legality and timeliness of their document signings, ensuring compliance with regulations and smooth completion of transactions.

Important Things You Should Know


A notary signing agent is a specialized notary public who is trained and certified to handle and notarize loan documents. While a regular notary can notarize a wide variety of documents, an NSA has specific knowledge and expertise in dealing with mortgage loan documents and other real estate transactions. NSAs play a crucial role in the mortgage closing process by ensuring that the documents are properly executed and returned to the lender in a timely manner.

Yes! We are a certified Notary Signing Agent certified by the National Notary Association (NNA).

During the loan signing process, we’ll be performing three basic steps:

Confirming the identities of all parties involved

As with a traditional notary, one of our core functions  will be to confirm the identity of individuals participating in a transaction. In a real estate context, this could involve verifying the identities of both the homebuyer and the seller. By doing so, we help prevent fraudulent activities and protect the interests of all parties.

Witnessing document signing

Similarly, we are also responsible for the signing of loan documents, such as the promissory note, mortgage or deed of trust. We’ll help ensure that all parties are aware of the contents and implications of the documents and are signing the documents willingly.

Ensuring accuracy and completion of loan documents

Making sure that all loan documents are accurate and complete can help avoid hiccups during real estate transactions. To do this, we will typically:

  • Confirm all necessary mortgage documents are present;
  • Check for any errors, such as incorrect names or figures;
  • Ensure all required signatures, dates and initials are in place.

Once we are satisfied that everything is in order, we’ll notarize the documents requiring notarization. This seals the deal and helps pave the way for a successful real estate transaction.

As a Certified Notary Signing Agent, I typically handle various documents involved in real estate transactions, including but not limited to, loan applications, mortgage documents, deeds of trust, promissory notes, closing disclosures, affidavits and settlement statements. Each document requires careful review and proper notarization to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Borrowers need to provide valid government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, state ID, passport, or military ID. The ID must be current and expired not more than 3 years before the performance of the notarial act in order to comply with Washington State Law (RCW 42.45.50). This identification is necessary to verify the identity of the signers and to prevent fraud.

As a Certified Notary Signing Agent, I follow strict protocols to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the borrowers’ information. This includes securely handling and storing documents, ensuring that sensitive information is not disclosed to unauthorized parties and adhering to all relevant privacy laws and regulations. Additionally, I complete background checks and comply with the standards set by the National Notary Association (NNA), the State of Washington and/or other governing bodies.

If you have any questions about the loan documents during the signing, you should reach out to your loan officer or lender directly. As a Certified Notary Signing Agen, I can explain the general purpose of the documents and point out where you need to sign, but I cannot provide legal advice or answer specific questions about the loan terms or conditions. It’s important to get clarification from your lender to ensure you fully understand the documents you are signing.

Our NSA fees are mutually agreed upon between our customer and ourselves in advance of our accepting a signing opportunity. During these negotiations, we consider the number of documents in the signing package, the number of documents that will require notarization, the distance we must travel to complete the signing and the costs, if any, for overnight return of the document package to the title or escrow company.

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